Cheryl Kearns

Cheryl Kearns in the woods

Cheryl Kearns is a Consulting Hypnotist, Intuitive Medium, and Advanced Dowser. She weaves her ability to connect to Spirit as a foundation to bring together the healing elements specific to each person she works with. Cheryl is one of the Lord’s true spiritualists. She takes us to places we’ve never been and blesses us as we’ve never been blessed before. Much to Cheryl’s surprise, she fell in love with all possibilities of Hypnosis and is in demand for motivational and public speaking.

Born, raised, and still living in the country, farm life has been the foundation of her journey. It is where she married her true love Ben, where they raised their children, and now enjoy life as Nana and Papa. Cheryl’s heart will always be connected to the earth.

Cheryl loves helping people who need their lives balanced energetically to help them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After adding Soul Channeling, Intuitive Mediumship, and Life’s Soul Contracts, she thought her journey was complete until she pursued Hypnosis and explored Past Life Regression.

It all links together and she now has the foundation training and, most of all, the compassion to help others through their struggles in this thing we call life.

Cheryl authored her first book “Yep . . . I’m a Medium” in 2019. She is currently working on a second book about her continuing journey.

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Cheryl Kearns with dog

“My passion to help people has come from my own journey.”

I have been on my own personal Soul Quest for over a quarter of a century.

With you, I am excited to see what we can unearth and move out into the light — to help you process it, see it, feel it, and let it go. The Soul Quest is never-ending. It is an on going, exciting process, which is life- changing and transforming.

Are you ready to take yours?

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