Gratitude is one of the soul’s unique ways to give back to that which has blessed us. When I sit with gratitude in my heart, it lights my soul deep within. The warmth of that light rushes through me with a familiar sense of who I really am. It’s in this place that I sit with the Creator — the one that sparks that light — that I have the honor of sharing in that moment of healing to my own soul. It teaches me to share that glow with others on a deeper level, as it begins to radiate out in a manner that I can’t explain. Sometimes I feel as if not having the words to explain it ignites the feeling deeper within me. Basking in this glow of awe settles me deeper within myself, and the connection back to who I really am and the gratitude of where I come from. This is the link of an infinite flow of energy that truly humbles me. This pure love and joy grows with appreciation. Dare I say that I am Blessed? Yes, I will say it and own it as we all can. Gratitude weaves an abundance of all that is good back to us. When I sit in the sweet silence, I can feel this thing we call gratitude and it completes me, loves me, fills me, and cradles me. It is a gift.

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